STEP 1: Read Instructions

STEP 2: Fill Out Form

STEP 3: Submit zipped files via WeTransfer

STEP 4: Submit Rough Master via WeTransfer



1. All files must be in at least 44.1 kHz format and at least 24 bit.

2. All files must be WAV or AIFF format, NO MP3s.

3. All files must have at least -6db of headroom.

4. Please remove all limiters and/or compressors from your master buss. (excluding reference masters)

5. Have all individual tracks edited with clean fades, Sonal Waves is not responsible for any cuts or pops within the master when the problem exists with the individual track.

6. Leave some room at the beginning & end of song to give me some room to work with fades.

7. Do not send session files, only WAV or AIFF file formats.

*If any of these instructions are completely foreign information to you, that’s NO PROBLEM. Just email and we can jump on a call or zoom meeting and I will walk you through what you need to do to export your files for Mastering or Mixing.


Send file/files via WeTransfer to